Steamery Pilo 1 Fabric Shaver – Black

Code:Pilo 1 - Black

The Pilo 1 Fabric Shaver – Black is a gentle, yet effective fabric shaver that removes lint and pilling from all kinds of garments.

How it works:

This Fabric Shaver has three precision-made razor blades and an impressively strong motor that originates from an electric razor. The result is a fabric shaver twice as powerful as any other device on the market, highly effective when removing lint and pilling, threads and fuzz from your clothes, textiles and furniture.


Lint-free and presentable clothes.
Works perfectly on home interior like sofas, cushions, armrests and blankets.
Easy to bring on weekend- and business trips.
Works on all kinds of materials – be gentle on delicate materials like cashmere, merino and alpaca.


Usage time: 50 minutes.
Warranty: 1 year.
USB charging: USB charging cord included.
Charging time: 5 hours.
Power: 5W

What’s included:

Pilo 1 Fabric Shaver.
An exclusive USB-cable.
A small brush for cleaning.
User Manual.


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